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( Adults over 18 Welcome! No exam needed: save $20)
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Why Should I Choose Las Vegas NV Driver's Ed?

Prepare for your Learner's Permit, pass your Driver's Ed exam or simply boost your confidence as a new driver. We are not a traffic school to reduce tickets after a court order.


"The exam was easy if you took the time to actually study."

Elijah Tialavera

100 percent at the Exam in 2 days!
"It taught me a lot, and great customer service when needed."

Kristopher Smith-Reichartz

100 percent at the Exam in 3 days!

"Very stress-free and educational course."

David Turner

 "This course is amazing! It has made me much more knowledgeable about driving rules and safety."

Mark Anthony Gruspe

99 percent at the Exam in 4 days
"Enjoyed the courses! I was able to learn while easily reading the lessons and courses the way this is structured."

Briana Terese C

99 percent at the Exam in 5 days
"Very helpful and fun. Mr. Pierre was always there if any questions came up, or if I had concerns. Would definitely recommend to peers."

Preston James Valdez

"This was a great drivers education course that gave me both the knowledge for driving laws, but also the knowledge of the possible conflicts I will come in contact with as a teen driver."

Kristina Cirillo

"This is an amazing website, that gives accurate information and instructional videos that show well-interpreted demonstrations."

Sydney Smith

"The tests were really easy if you actually took the time to study! I’m glad I took the time"

Cameron Burist

" I enjoyed taking this course. To me, can’t speak for everyone, but everything was well explained. And it might sound weird, but I will miss taking this course. But I think it is really well done."

Thomas Hughes

" I really appreciated all the help I got! Very Quick responders and very supportive  :). "


100 percent at the Exam in 4 Days
" This helped a lot, Thank you! "

Kemo Bell

100 percent at the Exam in 3 days!!!

Thanks to All of you for your nice comments,
You are the greatest, We will miss You!
Enjoy your driving and stay safe on the road!...

Your Support Dude

Even though I knew most of the information beforehand, this course really helped to show the reality of the dangers of driving.

Richard LU

98 percent at the Exam

I really like how this whole thing was set up. It was very easy too, with lots
of great information. Thanks

Amoy McDowell

98 percent at the exam in1 week
Quizzes were easy if you take the time to read the material. I finished in 4 days.

Lexi Newcomer

99 percent at the exam in 4 days!
Follow the course from the comfort of your home. No commuting to and from a Live class where you cannot miss a single one. No one has to drop you off or pick you up after 68-hours straight. You can log in from home or anywhere you want, for as long or as little as you want. Anytime...24/7 access. Work at your own pace using a PC, laptop or any portable device. Bypass the pressure of keeping up with other students, or having to wait for them.  Find the right responses any time you want by reading the topics instead of guessing quiz answers (learning process). Learn in the comfort of your home, or anywhere on the go. The course does not expire until you are done.
We are dedicated to helping you pass your Driver's Ed test as soon as possible, with the least amount of hassle as possible. We take your Driver's Education very seriously and treat you as adults, teaching you how to handle a deadly weapon: "your car." You will learn safe driving techniques with tips from veteran drivers and professional instructors. This Driver's Ed course will boost your confidence in driving and you will feel more comfortable driving. You will become a wise, safe, and more responsible driver.
Our students gave us two thumbs up with overwhelming satisfaction. Learn safety tips from veteran drivers in order to gain experience and wisdom as a young driver. You will become more confident and feel more comfortable driving behind-the-wheel. Follow the course at your own pace. Some students passed their exam in only 3 days, but the course does not expire until you pass.  You are welcome to follow this course at 15 years of age in order to prepare for the Learner's Permit. Your Free certificate does not expire. See our Reviews.
Teens from 15 to 18: The Driver's Ed course ($20) and exam ($20) is mandatory for you, in addition to the Learner's Permit. You will get a free Certificate of Completion at the end. The Certificate will be downloadable after you pass your final Exam and complete your Statement. If you are over 18 years of age and doing the course to prepare for the Learner's Permit or boost your confidence in driving, you will not need to pass the exam but are welcome to do so if you want to (save $20). There is no extra fee to retake training quizzes or the exam.

We are now listed as one of the Top three Best Driving schools /Education in Las Vegas,

We Are Local and We are The Best!!!

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Expertise Top Choice: Las Vegas NV Driving School in Las Vegas


Everyone from 15 1/2 years of age and adult new drivers must pass the Learner's Permit (written test, knowledge base, provisional permit or instruction permit) at the DMV location prior to learning/practicing driving behind-the-wheel. Instruction Permits are valid for one year. If your permit has expired, you must apply for a renewal in person at a DMV office. If you are under 18, a parent/guardian must sign another Financial Responsibility Statement. If the permit is expired more than 30 days, you will have to take the written test again. The Learner's Permit is different from Driver's Ed (or Driver's Education). (See below.)


The Driver’s Ed is mandatory for teens under 18 regardless of the Learner’s Permit. Teens from 15 years of age to adults can follow this course first to help prepare for the permit, or after the permit. ($20 for the course only.) Adults are welcome in order to gain confidence in driving and learning safe tricks and techniques. Teens must continue with the exam at the end of the Driver’s Ed course ($20 extra- total $40) with a free certificate of completion before applying for their Driver’s License.

While the Driver's Ed course is not requested, you are still welcome to register to learn or refresh your memory before the Permit, or any time to make you a more confident driver by learning safe driving practices. You will save $20 since you will not need the exam (payable after the course) unless you really want to pass it for yourself.


Driver's Ed Course and Certificate of Completion

Our course contains ten lessons with several easy to follow topics.  The text-based version is complemented with videos and animations that make learning a pleasant experience. Just sit back and relax while movies are playing. Training quizzes are a repeat of the text-based topics, so the only requirement is to read the topics.


The complete course and exam is $40 ($20 x 2) with a free certificate and free support.  If you are over 18 years old, you will not need to pass the exam to register for your Driver’s License so you will only pay $20 for all the topics (saving you $20).

We are locally based in Henderson, Nevada and we know that time is of the essence. We are here to help you pass your Driver's Licence as soon as possible.
Neither snail mail nor FedEx needed: Once you complete your final Exam and we receive your Statement  you will be able to download your Certificate for free  as soon as your material is verified.

We pride ourselves on our great customer support even outside business hours, 7 days a week. Just call us with any question; we are here to help. 702-739-9591

Teens and adults: Prepare yourself for the permit with fun and pleasant topics (see preview). Easy and clear navigation. 10 lessons with topics & training quizzes. Lots of funny images, good and bad driving example videos, and informative videos with professional instructors ($20). Then if you are under 18 (Mandatory for teens): Extend the course with a 50-question exam (add  $20 payable at the end =  total $40) - includes a free certificate.

Learn at your own pace, in the comfort of your home. No need to commute to and from live classes on a schedule.
Students can log on 24/7 from their own computer, a friend's computer, or even a school computer. Mobile Friendly, Tablets or PC, basically any computer with an internet connection. The course does not expire until you pass your Driver's License.


Help is available in the chat room, comments, emails or phone even outside regular business hours, seven days a week. We are here to help and we want you to have a good time, while gaining self-confidence and knowledge on how to become a wise and safe driver! This course is meant to give you 50-hours of driving experience. Parental support appreciated.

THE FOUR STEPS FOR Graduated Driver's License (GDL)


(Graduated Driver's License for teens)

Graduated Driver Licensing systems (GDLs) are designed to provide new drivers of motor vehicles with driving experience and skills gradually over time in low-risk environments. There are typically four steps or stages through which new drivers pass. SEE BELOW and click on a title for details.



OPEN TO ANYONE from 15 years of age and adults, this course is meant to compensate for young drivers' lack of driving experience or refresh their memory in order to feel more comfortable behind the wheel. With informational how-to topics and educational videos, we will give you the tools to learn defensive driving and be a wise and safe driver.

Part 1)  In order to prepare for the Learner’s Permit or refresh your knowledge. Ten Lessons with learning/training quizzes ($20)

Part 2) The exam is only mandatory for teens under 18 years prior to passing their Driver’s Licence (Add $20 payable at the end. Includes a free Certificate.).

IF YOU ARE UNDER 18 YEARS OF AGE: You must complete your course with a 50-question exam to get a FREE Certificate of Completion for the DMV. This is in addition to your Learner's Permit. You could pass your exam in 2 days!

Anyone can register for the online Driver's Ed independently from Behind-the Wheel Driving lessons.

IF YOU ARE OVER 18 YEARS OF AGE: To apply for your Driver's License after 18 years old, you only need your Learner's Permit (less than 1 year old). You are welcome to follow this course at your own pace (no timing) to prepare for the Learner's Permit. You will not need a certificate.

Anyone can register for the online Driver's Ed independently from Behind-the-Wheel Driving lessons.


Prior to learning how to drive: We recommend taking driving lessons with a professional instructor. YOU MUST BE AT LEAST 15 1/2  and be in possession of a valid Learner’s Permit ("knowledge base” or “instruction permit").

If you are under 18 years of age you are required to complete 50 hours of behind-the-wheel experience. You must be supervised by an adult licensed driver, who is 21 or older and has been licensed for at least one year, seated next to you at all times. 10 hours of the experience must be completed at night. You must keep a log to register all cessions with timing. It is recommended to register for some lessons with a professional instructor.

Driving School Instructors are dedicated to teach you defensive and safe driving in a fun, calm and stress-free environment. Remember that driving should be fun!  Instructors will teach you rules and regulation as well as some tricks to help you pass your DMV Driving Skills Test with confidence.  Why hire a professional driving instructor? A professional driving school's car is equipped with a double set of pedals to allow the instructor to correct a student if needed. Professional driving instructors keep themselves up to date with what DMV driving examiners are looking for. They are more experienced than parents who have developed bad driving habits over time.  Professional instructors are experienced with novice drivers. They have seen every mistake and won’t freak out or pass judgement or be upset with a student. Professional instructors recognize subtle bad habits learned from parents/supervisors. They also teach various defensive driving skills and know which areas are the best for learning specific aspects of safe driving, including training in the DMV test ground for parallel parking. They will know when a student is ready and confident enough to pass their DMV test.



EVERY NEW DRIVER FROM 15 1/2  years of age and adults must be in possession of a valid Learner’s Permit (“knowledge base”or “instruction permit") prior to practicing driving behind the wheel. A Learner's Permit is not Driver's Ed.

This permit allows everyone to practice driving with an instructor prior to applying for a Driver’s License. To apply for a Learner's Permit, you must visit the local Nevada DMV office and submit an application for Driving Privileges (Form DMV 002) and pass a 50-question written test on a computer.

The Learner’s Permit is valid for 1 year. After one year you must apply for a renewal with the DMV. If it expires more than a month then you must redo the written test.

Teenagers under 18 years of age must also follow a Driver's Ed course if not already done (does not expire) and perform 50 hours of supervised driving, including 10 hours of night driving (see Driver's Ed).


You must register at the DMV for the Driver's License Driving Skills Test. There may be 3-week waiting list, so plan accordingly.

Teenagers (16 to 18 years of age) registering must have: - 1) A valid Learner’s Permit less than one year old, - 2) A log-book recording of 40 hours of day driving and 10 hours of night driving with an adult supervisor. - 3) 30 hours of Driver's Education with a Certificate of Completion. New drivers, 18 years or older, in the state of Nevada, need only the  Driver’s Permit to be eligible for a Driving Skills Test and to obtain a full license.


You may use our cars for the DMV test even if you did not have prior lessons with us. Restrictions apply. See Pricing.







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