Comments from our Students

Thank you For your nice Comments, They are all very much appreciated!
Good luck on your DMV Driving Test, stay alert and safe!

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  • Elijah Tialavera first time exam 100% in 2 days!
    Comment: The exam was easy if you took the time to actually study.
    grade us 10/10\ 

  •  Jenny Nguyen (first time exam: 100%)
  • Comments: this helped a lot
  • Grade us: 10/10
  • Admin: Congratulation Jenny! Your results show you did read your topics, Thank you! You will be a wise and safe driver!

     Devin Ross (first time exam: 98%  in 5 days!)

  •  Comments: Not too hard
  • Grade us:8/10
  • Admin: Excellent job Devin. You did it  in less than a week!

  •  Nolan Mesch (first time exam 96% in 5 days!)
  • Comments: It is very useful and teaches the subject very well
  • Grade us: 10/10
  • Admin: Excellent job Nolan. You did it  in less than a week!

  •  Kristopher SR (first time exam) 100% in 3 days!
    Comments:It taught me a lot, and great customer service when needed!
    Grade us 10/10
    Admin: Great job Kristopher, you read your topics and passed all quizzes very easily without ” guessing” … Congratulation!

  •  Rebecca R ( First time exam) 100%
  • I feel very prepared! Thank you!
  • Grade us 10/10

    Admin: our apologies, due to the growing number not all students are mentioned above 

  • Fernando D (second time exam)
  • Easy
  • Grade us 8/10

  •  Dominic C (first time exam)
  • good course
  • Grade us: 9/10

  •  Noami N (first time exam)
  • Good
  • Grade us 10/10

  •  William B (2nd time exam)
  • Very helpful
  • Grade us 10/10

  •  Keirstin S (first time exam)
  • It was difficult but educational.
    Grade us 9/10

  • Analynn M  (first time exam)
  • It was a long process but easy
  • Grade us 8/10

  •  Kaitlyn L (first time exam)
  • Great Course!
  • Grade Us: 10/10

  •  Alexander M (first time exam)
  • Some of the questions that required you to move around answers were intuitive
  • Grade us 7/10

  •  Jacob T (first time exam)
  • Good Course
  • Grade Us: 9/10

  •  Anyshia W
  • It was easy to understand
  • Grade us: 10/10
  • 04/28/17 Jason A (first time exam)
  • this is a great course. It taught me so many things that i didn’t know.
  • Grade Us 10/10

  •  Kemo Bell (first time exam) 100% in 3 days!!!
  • this helped a lot
  • Grade us: 10/10
  • Admin: Congratulation Kermo! Spectacular job!


  •  David S (1st time exam) 99%
    Comment: Liked it 
  • grade us 8/10

  •  Michael G (first time exam) 99%  in 7 days
  • Learned a lot of good info. Had small problem with timer but got it fixed right away. Great Course
    Grade us : 9/10

  • Jayden M (first time exam)
  • Easy to use and staff is very helpful
  • grade us: 9/10

  •  Alexia M (First time exam)
  • it was great and i learned a lot.
  • Grade us 9/10

  •  Jonathan A (first time exam)
  • Glad to have gotten this done
  • Grade us 8/10

  • Madelyn C (first time exam )

  • Awesome course that encourages learning the rules of the road in a fun yet educational manner!
  • Grade us 10/10

  •  Imani S (2nd time exam)
  • Good
    Grade us 10/10

  •  Lauren L (first time exam)
  • This drivers ed course allowed to easily finish at my own pace
    Grade us: 10/10

  •  Tarin P (first time exam)
  • Grade us 8/10

  •  Tiana D (first time exam)
  • This drivers ed course was a good option, that actually works and helps with learning how to be a good driver.
    Grade us: 10/10

  •  Emmanuel G (First time exam) 99%  1 error out of 50 question!
  • Awesome!!!
    Grade us 7/10
  • ADMIN: Great job Emmanuel! Weldone!

  • Colin P (first time exam) 
  • Thanks
    Grade us 10/10

  •  Thomas H (first time exam) 98% 
  • I enjoyed taking this course. To me, can’t speak for everyone, but
    everything was well explained. And it might sound weird, but I will
    miss taking this course. But I think it is really well done.
    Grade us: 10/10
  • Admin: Very nice performance Thomas and Thank you! we will miss you too! ๐Ÿ™‚

  •  Hailey T (first time exam)
  • Very easy!
    Grade us: 10/10

  • . Alba H (first time exam)

  • Easy to understand
    Grade us: 10/10

  • Anastasia W (first time exam) 

  • Good
    Grade us: 8/10

  •  Rober H (first time exam)
    It was great.
    Grade us: 8/10
  • Admin 6 days is a pretty good time! Good job Robert! 

  •  Koi L (first itme exam)
    There are some minor grammar mistakes but overall good.
  • Grade us 8/10

  • Cameron B (first time exam)
    The tests were really easy if you actually took the time to study! I’m glad I took the time
    Grade us : 9/10

  • 4 days!

    Gaetan C (first time exam) 97%  in 4 days!!!!
    It’s a nice place to learn and prepare for the steps necessary to get a driver’s license.
    Grade Us: 9/10

  • Admin: Beautiful performance Gaetan, 97{24478e4b98e2619f6de9f2aadc58d6e55ee23fcdd9c4cd175117a419b4e939e6} in 4 days! But most of all you passed all your training quiz with 100{24478e4b98e2619f6de9f2aadc58d6e55ee23fcdd9c4cd175117a419b4e939e6} the first time for each, proving you did read your topics! Congratulation! You are a wise a safe driver!

  • 02/09/17 Tyler M (first time exam)
    Great information.
    Grade us  10/10
  • Admin: Thank you Tyler! Good job an good luck on your DMV driving Skill

  • 02/07/17 Alexa A (first time exam)
    Great preparation and confidence booster for students getting their license.
    Grade us: 10/10

  • Admin: Thank you Alexa!  Great performance!

     02/05/17 Chloe G (first time exam)

    02/05/17 Gary W (first time exam) 7 days and 100% 
    Fantastic !
    Grade us 10/10
    Admin: Whoaaa! 7 days and 100% , same to you Gary!
    YOU ARE THE BEST ! Thank you!


  • 02/02/17 Cameron L (first time exam) 99%
    Very informative
    Grade us: 10/10

  • Admin: Very good Job Cameron! Thank you and good luck on your DMV  Driving test!

  • 01/31/17 Evelyn S (2nd time exam)
    The course was overall great and helpful
    Grade us 7/10

  • 3 days!

    01/28/17 Jaime G (first time exam) 97record time in 3 days!,,.
    Grade us 9/10

  • Admin: Spectacular record breaker!.. 3 days with one single error out of 50 question on the exam. Excellent job Jaime!
    However, watch your speed during your DMV Driving Skill Test  ๐Ÿ™‚

  • 4 days

    01/27/17 Nicole F (first time exam)  94
    Great course, very informational.
    Grade us; 10/10

  • Admin: 4 days!!! Very well done Nicole! Thank you and good luck with your DMV driving skill test! 

  • 01/25/17 Dominic S (first time exam)
    Finally done!
    Grade us 10/10
  • Admin: I understand 30 hour learning is quite long but it is by DMV request to match live classes. But at least you could do it at your own pace in the comfort of your home! Good job!

  • 01.24.17 Markantony R (first time exam)
    Grade us: 10/10
  • Admin Thank you and good luck with your DMV driving skill test!

  • 01/24/17 John B (second time exam)
    Grade us 6/10

  • 01/23/17 Ryan G (first time exam)
    it was OK
    grade us 8/10

  • 01/22/17 Kaitlyn H (first time)
    It was simple and easy to understand. Very easy to follow along with the topics
    Grade us 10/10

  • 01/21/17 Tristen O (first time exam) 93 passed all training quizzes once.
    I enjoyed this course, and thought it was a relatively pleasant experience. The grammar could use some work, but I wouldn’t have chosen another course.
    Grade us 8/10.

Web Dude: Thank you Tristen, working on that!…You got a gold cup for doing all your quizzes one time only! That shows you read your topics and are a wise driver! Excellent job!

  • 99{24478e4b98e2619f6de9f2aadc58d6e55ee23fcdd9c4cd175117a419b4e939e6} in 6 days

    01/18/17  Briana Terese C (first time exam) 99in 6 days!!!!
    Enjoyed the courses! I was able to learn while easily reading the lessons and courses the way this is structured.
    Grade us: 10/10
    Admin: Very Impressive 99{24478e4b98e2619f6de9f2aadc58d6e55ee23fcdd9c4cd175117a419b4e939e6} in 6 days !!. You practically done all ten training quizzes once (or twice) proving that reading your topics does really save time and help you giving the right responses the first time!!!! [compare this to passing quiz #2 / 7 questions 32 times!!! : Guessing quizzes responses does confuse the memory more…  ] WAY TO GO Briana!


  • 01/16/17 Johalie F (first time exam)
    I really learned a lot from this program.
    Grade us: 10/10Admin: Well done Johalie, you did it in 10 days ! Great Job!

  • 01/15/17  Giana H, Passed (2nd  time exam)
    Helpful and informative.
    Grade us: 9/10
  • Admin  Thank you Giana. Sorry you had to redo your exam, 3 months was a bit too long to complete the course. Doing it rapidly ensure you 100{24478e4b98e2619f6de9f2aadc58d6e55ee23fcdd9c4cd175117a419b4e939e6} success the first time.Good job ! Good luck on the Driving Skill test. Be safe!

  • 01/13/17 Kristen S Passed (first time exam)97
    I liked it !
    Grade us: 10/10Admin: Great job Kristen!.

  • 01/11/17 Dylan W. Passed (first time exam)
    was educational and helpful
    Grade us:10/10

01/09/17 Jaeger L Passed (first time exam)
I thought it was fast and easy. The hour and a half timers need to be shortened though.
Grade us: 8/10

  • Admin: That was fast indeed ! Less than a week… Very good job Jaeger!
    Concerning the timing: total learning is a mandatory 30 hour  of learning time per DMV request (to match live classes).The  two longer topics request 1.30 hour when the last ones very short topics get only 1/2 hour since they are less important..
    .(most online drivers’Ed make topics 2 hours long each…..) We thought making more lessons with less timing on each would be (more work for us) but less boring for students.:)  It was a pleasure having you in the class, good luck on your driving skill test ! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • 01/07/17 Nichole B Passed (1st time) 
    There were some spelling mistakes but other than that it was good.
    Grade us: 7/10
  • Pierre / Support / web dude: Thank you Nichole, sorry for  the misspellings, this is my selfโ€“taught second language and programming at 72… Still learning  ๐Ÿ™‚

  • 12/30/16 Veronica B. Passed (1st time)
    I know a lot more on how to drive safely
    Grade us:  8/10
  • Support: Thank you Veronica, this is precisely the goal of this course!  You made my day! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • 12/28/16 Radek F. Passed (1st time) 
    Very informative
    Grade us: 8/10

  • 12/23/16 Maria D. Passed (1st time) 
    Grade us: 7/10

  • 99{24478e4b98e2619f6de9f2aadc58d6e55ee23fcdd9c4cd175117a419b4e939e6} in 4 days!

    12/18/16 – Mark Anthony G: Passed (1st time) 99 in 4 days!
    This course is amazing! It has made me much more knowledgeable about driving rules and safety.
    Grade: 10/10

  • Admin: Impressive! You did it all in 4 days!!! Best score ever ! Just 1 small error out of 50 questions. Thank you for reading your topics!  Passing your exam rapidly ensure you good results. Great Job Mark!

  • 100{24478e4b98e2619f6de9f2aadc58d6e55ee23fcdd9c4cd175117a419b4e939e6}

    12/17/16 – Daniel B. Passed (1st time) 100
    Pretty good course, not too boring but a great overall experience.
    Grade us:9/10

  • Admin : BRAVO Daniel, Perfect score!!!! Congratulation

  • 12/06/16 Malik M Passed (1st time)
    A lot of good information.
    Grade us 1-/10

  • 12/06/16 Joshua T Passed (1st time) :
    Grade us 10/10

  • 12/04/16 – Tien N. Passed (1st time) :  
    Good service!
    Grade us 10/10

  • 12/05/16 John BC Passed (1st time)
    its been real and its been nice but it hasn’t been real nice!
    Grade us: 10/10

  • 11/30/16 Ahraya S. Passed (1st time)
    Grade us: 8/10

  • 11/29/16 Gage R Passed (1st time)
    Great, easy, and simple
    Grade us: 9/10

  • 11/28/16 Nishant A. passed (2nd time)
    Great support Thanks!
    Grade us 9/10
  • Admin: Sorry for missing the 1st exam. 3 months was a bit too long to finish the course. Doing it rapidly ensure you 100{24478e4b98e2619f6de9f2aadc58d6e55ee23fcdd9c4cd175117a419b4e939e6} success the first time.Good job !

  • 11/26/16  Robert D Passed (1st time)
    Everything was easy
    Grade us: 10/10

  •  11/23/16 Amaya J Passed (1st time)
    good course
    Grade us: 9/10
  • Admin: Pretty good score Amaya!

  • 11/14/16 – Olivia R Passed (1st time) 98
    This was really helpful and easy to do!
    Grade us: 10/10
  • Admin: Very nice Score Olivia, Good Job!

  • 11/13/16  – Alex M. Passed (1st time)
    Grade us:  10/10

  • 11/05/16 – August R  Passed (1st time)
    All I’m gonna say is that the counter system is a MASSIVE inconvenience, but still, alright.
    Grade us 7/10
  • Admin: Sorry, this is per DMV request in order to match with live classes learning time.

  • 11/03/16 – Dillon S.  Passed (1st time) 100
    it is easy to understand and the pictures definitely make it more entertaining.
    Grade us  9/10
  • Admin : Perfect score, Yeah!!!! Congratulation Dillon !

  • 10/30/16 – Matthew H  Passed (1st time) 99
    Great Course
    Grade 10/10
  • Admin: Almost perfect! Great job Matthew !!

  • 10/27/16 – Makayla C.  Passed (1st time) 
    Grade us 8/10

    10/25/16 Noah L. Passed (1st time) 99
    Great Course!
    Grade us: 8/10

  • Admin: Great Job Noah! Thanks

  • 10/24/16 – Angel E-M  Passed(1st time)
    This is the easiest way to learn and get your drivers ed online course completed.
    Grade us: 9/10

  • John C. 10/24/16 Passed (1st time) 99
    This was a good course, and am happy that i was allowed to retake the quizzes before this final exam.
    Grade us: 10/10
  • Admin: Congratulation! Just one little error out of 50 questions, Great job John!!!

  • Tomier A. 10/17/16 Passed (1st time) 98
    I liked it a lot thank you!
    Grade us: 10/10
  • Admin: Not bad at all!  Great Job Tomier!

  • Truong T. 09/28/16  Passed (1st time) 98
    Grade us: 10/10
  • Admin Pretty Good score Truong!

    Alec T 09/21/16  Passed (1st time)
    Very Helpful.
    Grade us: 10/10

  • Eryn P.  09/21/16  Passed (1st time)
    It was easy to understand and very helpful!
    Grade us: 9/10

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